It’s time to celebrate the nonsense

Well, I have finally made the leap…metaphorically speaking. I am too out of shape to warrant an actual leap at this point. No, this leap is much smaller, and even less impressive. I have made the move from Facebook blogging to WordPress blogging.

I put a space there to hold for all of your applause.

Still waiting.

C’mon already! I don’t have all day.

What’s that?

Zero fucks are given?

Okay, moving on. The purpose of this post is to ‘set the mood’ so to speak as to what this blog will be about. It’s fairly difficult for me to make an opening blog that doesn’t sound cliche. Hell, that sentence is probably cliche at this point. Well, if you noticed the “well-thought out” title, it may come off as completely nonsensical. That’s what the point of that joke was in the first Austin Powers film, right?

For those of you who currently hold real estate under rocks or have investments in actual lives, please see the link below.

Well, when you boil it down, yes, this blog will be about nonsense. Nothing special in terms of blogging. I will probably share my opinions on things like Batman, Doctor Who, Space Jam, and various other nerdy shit that the ladies find so attractive these days. Trivial things that some people would consider nonsense, much like a shark with a laser beam attached to its head. But there are so many things people consider nonsense these days: Politics, sports, personal problems; the list goes on. It’s all a matter of perspective. I could give two shits about football. I will never understand the intense passion some people have for it. It rivals golf in terms of how quickly I can fall asleep with it on the television. But still, so many people can speak hours and hours about that goddamn game which leaves me scratching my head. They wait for hours in line just to have shitty seats to a game that doesn’t even have “bowl” in the title.

But then I try to look at one of my passions through an outsider’s eyes. Someone who doesn’t get why Harry Potter is such a driving force for some people. I and thousands of other people waited in line for 9 hours for the last movie. That’s insane to some people, but completely normal to me. Hell, I live for shit like that.

“Look at those fucking dorks!” I am the dork on the left…in the Harry Potter shirt…I’ve lost weight.

It’s my football conundrum flipped on its head.

If I had to make a mission statement for this blog it would be this: I promise to celebrate nonsense. One day, I may decide to post something about why the ending of ‘Batman Begins’ makes me choke up almost every time I see it. The next I may discuss the absurdity of this Chick-Fil-A fiasco. Both of these are nonsense to some, but important to others. I will be careful to tread lightly though. Some may view the coverage of the Aurora shooting tragedy nonsense. I take issue with that, and who knows? Maybe it will come up at some point.

You can also expect a movie review or two. Some people hold my opinion on films in high regard. Those people are labeled as “crazy.” (I love you guys.)

I can’t promise I won’t piss someone off. My  smelly atheist, liberal views tend to do that. But I hope to never insult. That will never be my attention. If you don’t like my opinion, voice yours. I’ll gladly welcome it. But if you need a face to hate, check out this bad boy.

“Single and ready to mingle ladies,” said his gravestone.

So that does it for my first post. If you noticed every grammar mistake, get ready for more or stop reading. Until I find an editor who will work for free and is on call 24/7, I’ll post these right as I finish them. Kind of sad for an English major, but who gives a fuck in the end? Speaking of the end, I should go. I need to watch the new Doctor Who trailer for the 20th time today. Take it easy, everyone!


One thought on “It’s time to celebrate the nonsense

  1. First of all: is it dorky to write replies on a blog?
    I don’t really care, I just wanted to say that it’s a pretty good idea! Your reviews are always a good read and I’m interested in seeing your opinions and other reviews in the future 🙂

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